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For the forthcoming season, we prepare an absolutely NEW product - Soft Serve NUCLEO ice cream - soft-serve ice cream created thanks to the unique recipe combined with the highest quality Italian concentrates. Our SOFT Serve NUCLEO ice creams will help you delight your customers with their amazing, deep taste, unique fluffiness and smoothness.

We guarantee the highest quality and would like to encourage you to see our offer of SOFT serve ice cream flavours.

Go to the offer przejdz


lody nucleo


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Dr. GF was created in the interest of people struggling with the ever-increasing problem of gluten intolerance. We would like to offer you a range of high-quality, gluten-free products, which are100% safe to consume. This is confirmed by appropriate testing in an accredited laboratory; which guaranteesmaintaining the consistent high quality of our products. Please visit our website: http://www.drgf.com.pl/

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