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Mix Expert

manufacturer of ice cream cones is a family company which has existed in the confectionery and baking sector since 1985. Starting from baking ice cream cones and dessert wafers, we have gradually improved our products to guarantee the highest quality of our offer.

Quality as Our Passion

As time went by, we noticed the changing market trends and since 1996 we have manufactured a wide selection of food powder concentrates, such as cakes, waffles, ice cream, cake creams and many other. Our advanced technologies and unique recipes are the outcome of many year's work to meet the market requirements. Thanks to that our products are characterised by high and reliable quality.

For our Customers, we created also a wide range of specialist milk products, being equivalents of skimmed and whole milk, but for a much lower price. The products can be used by producers of bread products, ice cream, wafers, stuffings, cakes, chocolate and many other, guaranteeing uncompromised quality of end products, combined with more economic and profitable production.





Our Brands:

Dr. GF was created in the interest of people struggling with the ever-increasing problem of gluten intolerance. We would like to offer you a range of high-quality, gluten-free products, which are100% safe to consume. This is confirmed by appropriate testing in an accredited laboratory; which guaranteesmaintaining the consistent high quality of our products. Please visit our website: http://www.drgf.com.pl/

Our partners: