Supplies for ice-cream parlours, confectioners' and bakeries

We have offered comprehensive supplies for ice-cream parlours, confectioners' bakeries, cafes and ice-cream outlets for many years. Our offer includes a wide choice of such products as fruit in gel for baking or serving with desserts, jams and marmalades, fruit in syrup, sauces for ice cream and desserts as well as decorative sprinkles.





We offer various sprinkles for decorating ice cream and desserts, including:

  • chocolate flavoured sugar strands sprinkles
  • rainbow multi coloured sugar strands sprinkles
  • rainbow multi coloured sugar balls sprinkles


Packaging: 1 kg



Fruit in syrup are prefect for preparing desserts, cakes as well as an additive or decoration for meals. When cut, they enrich the taste of fruit or vegetable salad. The light fruit syrup can be used also for a tasty drink which is best when cooled.

  • peaches
  • pineapples
  • mandarins
  • pear
  • tropical fruit cocktail

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